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Being A Emperor is the Ultimate Dream for every male!  Because As the King, you have the absolute power to select and mate any female you want!  At here, you’ll never need to be jealous of Emperors Carnal Life since we prepared Real/Solid Imperial Harem for you to enjoy the MAX Happiness from Dominating/Occupying Empress & Consorts & Concubines!  Empress( 30 ~ 40 ): Chinese Mature Milf, Brilliant, Sophisticated, Skillful But Dirty Naughty, In Favor Of Incest! Consorts( 21 ~ 23 ): Japanese Pure, Organic, Family Taboo Fan, Ready To Be Tuned (Virgin Feeling)! Concubines( 24 ~ 29 ): Korean Flirty girl, Strong XOXO Desire, Experienced Lover, Enjoy Love Affair Stealth!  Our Harem keeps the names of Emperors favorite Empress, Consorts and Concubines on wood tablets hung at their bed chambers.  When a emperor selected the one he wanted, he turned over the tablet with her name on a teak table.  Then he will be directed to that particular chamber with his beloved one warmed up. All Palace Royal Servers like to shower with Emperors and enjoy the body cuddling & body rubbing in warm water!  Bath shower is not enough at all, Palace Servers good at doing Wet Licking Shower all over emperor’s whole body ( Includes Filling Up every hole of emperor by hot wet tongue )!  Emperor will get any type of the most professional Massage whichever he name it!  In addition, All Harem’s Servers are always waiting for her Emperor’s Grace, which means Palace Angel Servers eager for Emperor’s thirsty tongue Roaming On their soft fragrant sexy body and eat their juicy holes!  In return for Emperor’s Oral Grace, Our Empress, Consorts and Concubines will apply all their skills to get emperor last as long as possible by properly changing positions, in order to make emperor stay at Heaven Feeling much longer!  Unloading Seeds will be done The Most Artistically Ever!  Chinese massage: $100/15min, $120/30min, $140/60min. Japanese massage:$200. Payment methods: Zelle Cash appSince Empress & Consorts & Concubines Serve Only For Emperor, they all were selected and screened from the numerous Asian Candidates.  Only The Most Up-Scale, Prettiest, Sexiest, Cutest, Nicest, Best Skill Angels will be in front of you to choose! Imperial Harem Apply Weekly Rotation Schedule On In-Bed Servers! (Every Week Change Brand New Ones)  Opening: 10:00am-1:00amTo Be An Emperor Is No Longer A Dream, And Make It True At: 818-688-4953
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